Elite Hitters have a natural swing, now you an too.  No theories: Just common Sense for your natural body movement in the swing.
What We Teach is like no other.  We teach and explain the Natural Movement that the elite hitters have.

What We Teach

Natural Hitting introduces a brand new concept in the field of hitting. We teach how the the elite Major League hitters move their body to get the power that is seen in their swing.

Most teaching about hitting is based on using the legs, hips, and arms to produce the movement of the swing. There may be some discussion about moving the body, but the detailed how and why of using the core or torso area is absent. Natural Hitting teaches how each of the movements within the swing are performed with Natural Movement, the way your body moves best.



There are many different types of stances as illustrated by the pictures below.

Which stance is natural for your body?

Once you find your stance, how do you initiate movement from the stance to create the movement of the swing?

In the pictures below you can see that these players have created some type of rotation to swing the bat.

There no longer has to be any mystery about how to create this rotation.

We teach the Torso, which is sometimes called the Center or Core. At Natural Hitting, we found that if you can understand what the torso's function is in movement and how it relates to the arms and legs, then you can create movement that actually uses 100% of the muscles available for that movement. This in turn will allow you to experience 100% of the force you can generate.

Force = Mass x Acceleration

The ultimate power for your swing will come from the most available force being applied to the ball. To generate the force to hit with Home Run power you must take your mass, which is the weight of your entire body, and accelerate it in a way that provides bat speed as well as force transferred through the bat barrel to the ball.

We teach the THINKING that results in Natural Movement, the external results of that thinking, and how to look at the swing from a natural perspective. We teach the two simple Natural Movements that it takes to move your body the same way the elite Major League hitter moves his body. You will learn how to rethink the swing, as well as how Natural Movement produces the results you are looking for.

Our systematic approach of teaching Natural Movement is so simple that anybody at any age can learn. We will take you through the thinking that results in unnatural movement and explain in great detail why this type of thinking only produces 50% or less of the power for which you have potential.

Then we continue to retrain your thinking so that you can learn the Natural Swing. There is only one prerequisite for obtaining the Natural Swing, and that is a change in how you think about movement. Once you understand the thinking of Natural Movement you are on your way to having a Natural Swing. We will cover everything you need to know and understand about Natural Movement and how to perform the Natural Swing.



"Knowledge is Power and Power is only in Natural Hitting"

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