Elite Hitters have a natural swing, now you an too.  No theories: Just common Sense for your natural body movement in the swing.

The Discovery of Natural Hitting & Movement

Upon reaching the conclusion that it is almost impossible to have a complete understanding of the muscle systems in the human body, we at Natural Hitting discovered that there are two basic types of movement, Natural and Unnatural. You have inside your body an inherent ability to move naturally, effortlessly, without constantly thinking about how to move. If you thought about how to move all the time and had to learn every movement as a mechanic, you would find the movement to be tiring and unnatural.

Natural Movement

Natural Hitting will introduce you to an entirely new concept in the field of hitting. Instead of trying to figure out which mechanics to practice or what muscles to use, you will learn to look at the baseball swing as a whole body movement. You will change how you think about your body and movement in general, allowing you to regain your own Natural Movement. Then you will take that thinking and apply it to the movements of the swing.

Natural Hitting

Natural Hitting is a powerful, life-changing experience. We will teach you how to think about movement in a way that your body understands. When you change your thinking to Natural Movement, you will change your swing to Natural Hitting. Our students find it very easy to produce Natural Movements and they also have a lot of fun learning their new swing. Student tell us that it is great not to have to think about their legs and arms. They really enjoy learning their torso and how to create the swing with it. Order the Natural Hitting DVDs you will find that there is an easier way to learn hitting.

Mechanics vs. Natural Movement»

"Knowledge is Power and Power is only in Natural Hitting"

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