Elite Hitters have a natural swing, now you an too.  No theories: Just common Sense for your natural body movement in the swing.
Don't wait another day, start your recovery back to your God given Natural Movement and Swing.

Message to 13-18 year old players & their parents:

Players in this age group have now progressed to the Major League size fields and it is most important that they be able to hit the ball with the most power that they have available. Although their body is still developing and they are getting stronger, this does not automatically mean that they will hit with more power. Yes, they will gain some power from growing bigger, but when it comes to real power they may be unsuccessful just because they are still using their bodies in an unnatural way.

Between the ages of 13 and 15 players generally improve, but they will need to become a much better hitter in order to take the next step into high school baseball. It is during the transition period of 15 to 16 years old that many players drop out of playing organized ball, mainly because they can't hit well enough to play in high school. The one thing that can give these players a fighting chance is for them to learn the Natural Movement that they need to produce a powerful swing. They will love this great game even more when they can hit home runs in batting practice everyday.

During the high school years most players work hard at playing better. They will put more time into practice and want to become the best. The truth is that by the time they graduate only a few, if any, will continue to play in college. This is mainly because of hitting. College coaches know that they can teach defense and the mental approach to the game, but they are really looking for players that can already hit really well. Unless they are a hard throwing pitcher, a player must be a really great hitter in high school as well as being good at defense to have a chance to play for one of the best baseball colleges. Natural Hitting can teach high school players how to move naturally again, and in turn they will hit with the most power they have available. They will also able to greatly improve their throwing and running skills.

To have the opportunity to continue playing baseball in college, now is the time for high school players to start learning about Natural Movement. The Natural Hitting DVDs teach about the torso, also known as the center or core, and how the body is made for Natural Movement. The DVDs also teach the thinking that is required to cause Natural Movement. The most efficient and most powerful swings are produced by using 100% of the muscles available for that particular movement. The only way this can be done is by using the body in a way that is 100% natural. In learning about the Natural Movement high school players will develop their athletic ability much faster and have the opportunity to play this great game longer.

"Knowledge is Power and Power is only in Natural Hitting"

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