Elite Hitters have a natural swing, now you an too.  No theories: Just common Sense for your natural body movement in the swing.
Parents of 8-12 year old players:  Now is the time to start learning your Natural Swing.  Don't wait until they get older.

Message to parents of 8-12 year old players:

This is the best age group for learning the great game of baseball. You, as parents, want your children to succeed as well as have fun. What makes baseball really fun is the ability to hit well. Hitting at this level is crucial for your kids to enjoy playing and to want to continue playing in the years to come.

Making contact with the ball is not really what hitting is all about. Hitting the ball hard is what every child wants to do each time they step up to the plate. I know that as parents you are happy when your child makes contact with the ball, but what about giving them the best chance to make solid contact and also hit with great power. 

Don't leave the potential for being a great hitter up to chance. You can start helping your child now by giving them the information they need in order to have the best swing possible. Our Natural Hitting DVDs contain information that even an 8 year old can understand. We teach how to think about movement and how to create the Natural Swing. The DVDs are also in depth enough for the most experienced coaches or players.

Now is the best time for your child to learn about Natural Movement and how it relates to hitting. The most efficient and most powerful swings are produced by using 100% of the muscles available for that particular movement. The only way this can be done is by using the body in a way that is 100% natural. Give your child the chance to learn about Natural Movement and in turn develop their Natural Swing. 

"Knowledge is Power and Power is only in Natural Hitting"

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