Elite Hitters have a natural swing, now you an too.  No theories: Just common Sense for your natural body movement in the swing.
Parents you want the best for your children, then start here and teach them how their body is made to move Naturally.

Message to parents of 4-7 year old players:

Baseball is a great game when you can hit well, but when you can't it is not very much fun. In order to hit well, young children must try to move their bodies in a way that will produce a good swing. While most children in this age group still move naturally in everyday movements, there are a couple of obstacles they must overcome when it comes to hitting, One obstacle is that their bodies may not be quite strong enough to swing and control the bat very well. This can lead to incorrect body movements, or as most would say bad mechanics. Another obstacle is that at this level in our development we, as humans, start to reason how to do things better. This can also lead to bad forms of body movements.

Children are always copying other people and it is the copying of other people's movements that may take them out of their Natural Movement and bring them into a new world of Unnatural Movement. One child may pick up on another child's movements which they then try to copy. They may even copy movements that they are taught by you or their coaches. The one thing that will help your child achieve the most success as this age is for them to understand the Natural Movement that they already have.

You, as a parent, can help your child maintain the Natural Movement they have and learn how to apply that Natural Movement to hitting. In the Natural Hitting DVDs, I teach how the body moves naturally and the thinking that is required. I also teach how the body is made for producing movement. If your child understands how their body is made for movement, then they will be more likely to allow their Natural Movement to continue, not only in everyday movements but also in hitting. Don't leave your child's hitting ability up to chance. Help them to keep their Natural Movement and become a Natural Hitting champ.

"Knowledge is Power and Power is only in Natural Hitting"

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