Elite Hitters have a natural swing, now you an too.  No theories: Just common Sense for your natural body movement in the swing.
 If you are already one of the fastest players on your team then you are using the Core.  But are you using it when you hit.

                      Take this challenge for yourself,

to see if you use your core!!!


Text Box:         Winners use their Torso!!We all use our torso/core to help us in everyday life.  Yet almost 99% of amateur hitters fail at using their torso/core in their swing.

To begin this challenge, I will first show you some Natural movements of the human body.  Then there will be some questions that you will need to answer for yourself to see if you use your Core or not.




Watch the baby to the right in his first stages of learning to walk.   Notice that his torso moved up first to give him an erected position.  Then the torso continues moving forward as his legs are playing catch-up.  The legs are neither coordinated nor strong enough to keep up with the desire of the torso to go to the parent.

That is why he looks like he is about to fall down forward all the time he is walking. But the torso is super strong.  The torso develops its strength through crawling, and that's why human must crawl before they walk.  It takes a strong torso in order to create walking properly.



A little side bar:  All of us as small children are born with the same movement system. Barring a physical or mental defect we all create movement the same way with our Torso.  But during sometime in our lives, it might be at the age of 7 or older, we tend to loose that Natural way of movement. 

It's my belief that we as humans do one thing that most animals don't.  That is that we reason how to do something more.  So at some point in our lives we reason how to create a movement that we want to do.  Whether it be hitting, throwing, running, and even sitting, we change our own bodies way of doing that movement based on how we reason or perceive that it needs to be done in order to do it better.  We sometimes just choose to do it a way that we might have seen the movement done.  The problem is that when we see a movement we always pick up the movement of the legs and arms more than any other part of the body.




  1. A baby crawls to strengthen the muscles of the Torso in preparation to be able to walk.
  2. What is sitting up for?  Well sitting up is also a way of strengthening the torso.  Notice how straight the torso of the baby to the right is.


How do you sit in a chair or on the floor?  If you don't sit up straight then you are not working the torso.  Which lends to poor posture, but more important is that your torso is lifeless or dead when it comes to muscularly working. This means you probably don’t use your torso in other activities such as Hitting.  Predominantly most young children do have a strong torso because that is all they know.  That is how they live.



Also how you or your player stands has a lot to do with how they swing.  If they stand poorly then the Torso is not working properly to hold itself up and will probably not be used in their swing.  Proper posture comes from the proper use of the torso more than how the legs and shoulders are working.


Caution to the parents.  If you have young children or even up-to 17 year old, encourage them to sit and stand with proper posture.  The better and more offend they use their posture correctly the better chance they will have to use their Torso in hitting.








Ask yourself what do you see moving first?













 Below see if you were right.











Now look at the same clip with a red line.  You should be able to see the torso moving forward, before any part of the legs starts moving.  With a close observation you will see that the torso moves forward first, then the leg starts moving. 

Another close observation you should see that the torso continues to move forward ahead of the legs moving.  The torso moving first may only be moving two inches or less ahead of the legs. This video is a little over exaggerated, because on video it is very difficult to see the small amount of Torso movement before the legs.

As you watch the above video you may perceive that he is just leaning or falling forward.  You may think gravity is playing a role in the movement, but that is not true.  If gravity causes the movement then there is always a downward pull of the body towards the ground, and no power or force is created by the body itself.   This downward pull does not play any part of forward movement.  You may think that walking is like falling forward and our legs catch us from falling. Not true.

Rather the Torso is working to propel itself forward, parallel to the ground. The Torso is working hard to over come gravity and move it forward to where ever you want to walk or run to.  The Torso coordinates how and when the legs work to support and help the Torso move to the destination you want to go to. 



So far:  You have been introduced to where Athleticism lies.  It is our Torso.  To hit like the elite Major League hitters do, one must learn to use and work the Torso to create the same movements they are doing.  You will learn about the movement of the Torso in the "The Natural Approach" section.

But first take the challenge below.


Questions for you:


  1. From a sitting position in a chair, I want you to go to a standing position.  Do you move your torso forward first, or do you start pushing with your legs?
  2. If you moved your torso first, great that's Natural Movement.  Legs’ working first is unnatural.
  3. When standing still, what is the first part of your body to move when you go to take a step?
  4. Entire Torso moves first but maybe only a couple of inches.  Great that's Natural Movement.  If your leg moves first then you have a lifeless torso and move Unnaturally.  You need help.
  5. When you want to bend over and touch your toes, what moves first?
  6. Top of Torso goes over first then you reach with arms.  Great that's Natural Movement.  Arms move first is unnatural movement. Also can you touch them?  If not, then you probably bend over at your waist, and not at your hip joints.
  7. When you are in your stance as a hitter what part of the body do you work and move first?
  8. Torso moves back first great.  But what are you working to accomplish that move.  Is it your Torso or your legs?  This will be answered in our study of the swing.


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