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Rotational Hitting or Linear Hitting, which theory of hitting should be practiced? What are the best mechanics you need for hitting? What drills will help your swing? Here at Natural Hitting we will attempt to answer these questions. You as a player or coach need answers and not some theory. 

Don't be fooled. 

  • Rotational hitting is about working the lower half of the body.
  • Linear hitting is about shifting weight but don't teach anything about rotation.
  • Some are trying to teach both, without a real understanding of the movement.
  • Some teach hand path.  Hands inside the ball.... This is the funniest saying yet. Nobody hits with their hands on the outside of the ball.

We are the First!

  • To teach "The Real Core", or "The Real Center".
  • To teach where Great Athleticism comes from and how to regain yours.
  • To teach "The Whole Body Swing".
  • To teach "The Torso" as the "Core or Center".

You need to see what really happens for yourself and not just go along with what you have always heard. So, we are bringing to you the most in depth look of hitting mechanics in all of baseball or fastpitch.  Whether you are looking for hitting drills, products to help your swing, or just looking for some answers about your swing we are here to show and help.  Not through sales but through Service.  We help everyone who wants to learn. Most of our help is for Free!!!!!

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Hitting like the elite Major League hitters takes athleticism and we all have it. When people talk about a great swing they are trying to describe an athletic movement that requires moving with great athleticism. Yet nobody is describing what creates that athleticism in the swing. The reason why is because until now, nobody had discovered where athleticism comes from. Here at Natural Hitting you will learn where athleticism comes from, regardless of what movement you want to make.

Understanding what really happens in the swing

will lead you to proper mechanics.

  • First, in order to teach, one must understand what is seen.  If you don't understand what you see then your approach to copying it will be flawed. 
  • Second, you must understand what creates the movements that you see.
  • Third, you need to understand how the human body creates movements. Since it is the most complicated living thing on this earth, and impossible to fully comprehend how it works even with today's technology, I give credit to God for His creation.


First let me, Sean Dixon, say welcome. As you read on you will see that I am not a writer.  I am just a coach who is trying to put into words what has taken over 25 years to discover.

The purpose of this site is to show what the elite Major League hitters are really doing to cause their swing. There are many sites on hitting that are trying to sell you something to make your swing better.  They are either selling a piece of equipment to help certain aspects of the swing, or an apparatus that is suppose to make you have a Power swing.  Others are trying to sell a quick fix to give you a ML swing with power through their system of mechanics. 

I have yet to read on any site that they took an average player and turned them into an exceptional hitter. Not One?  Some websites have testimonials which describe players as getting much better.  There are even testimonials from Professionals that they were helped, yet I still have not seen even the professionals become any of the top elite hitters.  Have you?


  • Whether you are a coach, player, or parent you will want to read everything here. These pages and links are set up like a book to follow chronologically so that you can make an informed decision on what to teach, and also so you will understand what you see when watching a swing.  Each link has a lot of movie files that will take some time to download for slow connections.  Please be patient.




Remember Michael Jordan, the superstar of the NBA with great athleticism. They tried to fit Michael into a mold of hitting mechanics which has nothing to do with where his athleticism comes from.  He failed because the mechanics that are known does not fit with how the athleticism of the body is used to perform movement. 

Understanding where athleticism lies within the body and how to get it to perform the swing is where the secret to the learning to hit like the elite ML hitters.  When people talk about a great swing they are trying to describe an athletic movement that requires moving with great athleticism.  Yet nobody is describing what creates the athleticism of the swing.  The reason why, is because until now, nobody had discovered where athleticism comes from. Here at Natural Hitting you will learn where athleticism comes from, regardless of what movement you want to make.  Athleticism is used in all sports, but understanding how to get the body to use it during a particular sport movement is mostly unknown.

Natural Hitting brings to you a revolutionary understanding of the swing of the Major League hitters.  In the following pages I will show you most of what others like Epstein, Englishbey, Williams, Lau, O'Leary, Mankin, Hudgens, Parker, Cevallos and all the others claiming to teach what happens in the major league swing believe. After you have a good understanding of the mechanics everybody is teaching, then I will show you the reality and truth of the ML swing.


We show you exactly what the Elite hitters do inch by inch and

Explain what is causing the movement that you see.


Scientific research through Human Kinetics brings you the Truth about the swing.


Free!!! 50 pages of mechanics explained with slow-motion video


Do you want the Truth? 

It was the love of the game and one haunting question “What are the ML hitters really doing to produce their swing?”  that led me and my father, Jim Dixon, to this endeavor. Prior to my father's passing in 2006, we spent years in hitting clinics, bought other coaches books and videos, listened to professionals, studied slow-motion videos for thousands of hours, spent $10,000 being trained about the human body, and produced a book titled “Exceptional Player”.  After all this time and effort, we finally found the solution.  After 25 years, our research is being made known to the world of baseball today.  The holy grail of hitting is about to be revealed.


“I have not failed.  I've just found 10,000 ways that don't work.”                                                                                                                    Thomas Edison

Just like Edison, we at Natural Hitting have been involved in 25 years of researching the swing of the Major League hitters and we have tried over a thousand ways to create the perfect swing.  We tried them all, but none worked.  Some methods produced a look similar to that of the major league swing, but none produced the power and consistency.


  • Nobody has taken an average player and made him a Major League quality hitter.


After years of searching, we finally found the answer.  It lies with how the human body creates movement in a natural way, which is athleticism.  That natural way is what we all admire in the great athletes, no matter what sport they play.  We watch these athletes move and call them “Gifted” or “Athletic”.  So what causes this athleticism?  It's the same thing that causes the great swing.


Know what the Major League hitter is doing

by proof and not just some theory.


Can You Handle the Truth?

 The BIG Question

How does the human body produce quickness and power from stance to contact?



There are two predominant types of hitting theories.  Rotational Hitting follows the theory that the swing is mainly about rotating the body in a circular motion along with the hands, and the bat staying in a circular arc.  Linear hitting theory teaches more about weight shift from the back side to the front side, and extension of the arms and bat in the swing. There seems to be a big controversy over which one is correct.  This is the only website that will show you the differences in the theories and what they teach in the swing.

Are you ready? 

Caution: You will learn something here that you have not seen before.
I Promise.

You probably have heard of many terms like “point of contact”, “Power V”, “Power L”, “Torque position”, “Load Position”, “Bat Lag”, “Hands inside the ball”, “Tilt”, “Rotation with hips”, “Hip slide”, and “Coiling”. There are many more terms trying to describe the positions that one sees in the swing at a given time.  They want you to get to one position and then move to the next position and so on. This would make hitting a set of positions that is supposed to create the swing.  The problem with this mentality is that it makes the swing all about doing individual moves and trying to piece them together.


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”   Albert Einstein


Here at Natural Hitting we have found that the swing is not about getting into certain positions.   The Truth is that the swing has only one purpose; therefore it is only one move.  That one move is started by and continued by the largest mass of the body, the Torso.  We are the first and only website that teaches the torso and how it works properly, which results in Natural Movement. 

You may have heard of using the “Core” or “Center”, but nobody teaches what it is or how to get it to work.  Here you will learn about the true “Core”, which is the entire Torso. You will see the Torso moving and creating the swing of the elite Major League hitters, and we will explain what happens and what it produces.


  1. Mechanical Hitting Theories = Average Hitters, frustration with the movement, really hard to perform in the game, and rarely produces power.       

  2. Athletic Hitting with Natural Athleticism = Elite Hitters, body enjoys the movement, easy to perform in the game because it is natural, always produces power - it can’t help it.


Start Your Journey


In the following pages you will see and understand what is being taught by the predominant hitting instructors across America.  You will also see how they describe the Major League swing, the hitting mechanics, and the labels they put on the movements that are seen in slow-motion.

Once you have learned what they teach, we will take a step into a New Approach and a New Understanding of what really happens. We will use the laws of Physics and Human Kinetics to bring you the truth, and not just some idea or theory.  This is not a sales pitch in any way. This site is a training tool for understanding the Major League swing in hopes of helping everybody gain a better understanding of the movements seen in the swing.


We are sharing with you our research and we are doing it all for Free.


We want you to be informed.

We want you to be educated.


To the Novice Player, Parent, or Grandparent:   You may not be interested in reading the sections titled “Their Way Part One and Two”.  It may not matter to you what most coaches teach, but it could be good for you to know what they say in order to stay away from improper mechanics.


Note:  In order to fully understand you need to follow the link at the bottom of each page.

Begin the journey to understanding the Major League Swing

Start here....Rotational Power



I am taking any and all constructive comments regarding this site because I want it to be the best resource for teaching about hitting.

If you have anything to offer don't hesitate to send me an


"Knowledge is Power and Power is only in Natural Hitting"

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